Whole Wheat Hot Cross Buns



It has been too long. Way, way too long. But life happens. I am back though, re-inspired with lots of new content. It’s Good Friday tomorrow. That means the grocery stores are closed, that makes me nervous. What if I really want to make something and I don’t have the right ingredients? It is a scary thought.

I rushed to get this recipe ready for you guys before Friday so you would at least have today to buy your ingredients. But hey, I guess you have the rest of the long weekend to bake too.

Let’s talk about these buns, which we have been affectionately calling hot cross bunnies in our house. Easter is such a fun holiday. Chocolates, painted eggs, easter egg hunts, bunnies and baked goods- what is there not to love. Chocolate is a must and I get that, I really do. But what I don’t get is why hot cross buns have to be less than healthy. I hope you try your hands at these buns over the long weekend and nourish yourselves with this festive treat.

They are whole wheat which makes them hearty and  better for you, I did not add sugar to them (just a little honey) because the sultanas add enough sweetness. You will have to be patient though as the dough does need time to rise. I know how hard that is as patience is most definitely not one of my virtues. I made them spicy and oh the smell that fills your house as this bakes is utter perfection! Making them is nearly as fun as eating them so get some loved ones involved. There is something about seeing the yeast come alive and kneading dough that I find very therapeutic and I know I am not alone.


Taylor and I both like our hot cross buns warm. He likes just butter on his while I adore cottage cheese and apricot jam on mine. And because these are healthy, you get to have them for a guilt free breakfast!


hotcrossbuns_4  Happy Easter from my family to yours, I hope the Easter Bunny is generous this year. 😉