Veggie Lasagna

It’s graduation season here where we are. Quite a few of my amazing friends have graduated and I could not be more proud. I had the pleasure of taking a few photos for them and golly is it a happy ceremony! Proud parents and happy (albeit relieved) graduates. I can’t believe it’ll be my turn in two years and hopefully, Taylor’s next year.

thumb_thumb_DSC_1227_1024_1024thumb_thumb_DSC_1265_1024_1024This is my best friend Bec. I met Bec in my first year of university when I moved into a house with her. Turns out we’re actually sisters from different continents. We share the same love for food (and snacks, lots of snacks), health, the beach, and goofing around. Such fond memories I have of us include:

  • Dancing in supermarket/Kmart aisles
  • Being afraid of our house cleaner and cowering in our rooms/ escaping the house when she was due
  • Lying in each other’s bed after a shower and leaving a grand wet patch
  • Lying on the floor of each other’s room reading cook books
  • Giggling while saying “Mike Wazowski” (I don’t know how this started)
  • Cooking huge dinners, eating them then wondering if our stomachs were going to explode
  • Eating ALL the frozen bananas with peanut butter
  • Leaving frozen bananas in each other’s freezers
  • Watching toy story in my room with the fairy lights on and drinking Vanilla Sleepytime Tea and eating endless snacks (then pausing the movie and getting more snacks)
  • Going to the beach even when the weather was dreadful and convincing ourselves it was a good idea
  • Discussions of us becoming lesbian pumpkin farmers

Oh I could go on. We lived together for a year before she finished University and moved back home to Tasmania. It’s sad because we had one of those friendships where we could spend endless amounts of time together without any real plans and just blob around and have a world of a time. As a homebody, that has got to be my favourite kind of hanging out. However, her graduation meant she was back in town with her parents. We invited them over for dinner in our new home and since Bec is a vegetarian, this is what we had.

I have fond memories of lasagnas. It was one of my favourite meals as a kid. My family makes a spinach-ricotta lasagna every year at Christmas. Taylor and I bought an amazing veggie lasagna while we were on North Stradbroke Island after he had an emergency medical centre visit for a horrible sinus infection (I actually thought he was going to die). So yes, I love lasagnas. I do also think that veggie lasagnas are tastier, lighter and much less cloying than their meaty friends.




thumb_DSC_1202_1024This lasagna definitely requires some time but it is not hard to make. Lasagna’s also freeze really well so your future-don’t-make-me-cook self will thank you. Feel free to customise this recipe to suit your preferences/ what you have in your fridge. I hope you treat yourself to this comforting meal this weekend.