Vegan Gingerbread

Oh it’s been a long while, nearly two years really. Pretty much the length of my career! And I don’t think that’s a coincidence…

Yes, a lot has happened during this time. We started new jobs (two for Taylor), bought a house, moved in and adopted two cats.

On the food front, we’ve also moved towards being plant-based this year. Now, I’m not one for labels but for now, I do think plant-based works. We’re not fully vegan though we mostly are at home. That has meant that this year has been a lot of fun and adventure in the kitchen.

We were mostly vegetarian before but this change has been such a joy! It means no more worrying about salmonella in the kitchen (except when I make the cat food) and a lot less anxiety around food safety in general. It has also meant trying a lot of delicious recipes, new foods and new ways of cooking familiar foods (hello tempeh).

This Christmas is the first since we’ve gone plant-based and I’m really excited! First on the list was gingerbread. I took my usual recipe and made it vegan. I’ve stuck to this recipe for the last three years, which is saying a lot because I do get restless and try to experiment. I’ve been surprised at how amazing vegan baked goods turn out. Prior to this year, I always thought that butter and eggs were the foundation of baking!

The gingerbread worked marvellously! So much so that it motivated me to document this triumph on my very quiet blog. The gingerbread is light in texture but so dark in flavour from the molasses and dark brown sugar. You have to use the dark brown to get the full flavour, regular brown won’t do. Then the spices, a lot more than most recipes will call for but I like them spicy. Oh and the royal icing, using aquafaba means no more worries about salmonella from raw egg whites.

I hope you have fun with this recipe. I hope you make little shapes that make you laugh and you share them with people you love.