Talulah Bar


I confess, I am a bit of a menu snob. I ALWAYS read menus before eating out. I look for menus with creative and innovative meals. I want different, fresh, and exciting. I love places that take care in selecting good quality ingredients and put a lot of thought into putting them together. In fact, menu reading is a bit of a hobby of mine. Sometimes I  get the waiters to leave the menus behind so I can study them while we wait for our food. Yes, I take my menus very seriously.

What initially drove me to Talulah was their amazing menu. My first visit was for lunch when my family visited last Easter. That was when I fell in absolute love with Israeli Pearl Couscous. YUM. It is still one of my favourite carbohydrates till now, and its got a low glycemic index to boot. I also remember Taylor getting a pretty fab salted caramel milkshake.

I vowed to go back for breakfast after that but apparently it took us a year and a half to do it. After talking about it during this entire duration, Taylor suggested Talulah this morning and we finally made it there for breakfast.


The breakfast menu is fairly large and available online. They change it every season and it has a great variety of sweet and savoury breakfast options. They use Baked Uprising sourdough and free range organic eggs. I respect that. But really, check their menu out, it’s pretty cool.

I was after a sweeter breakfast so I got the ricotta hotcakes with caramelised beurre bosc pear, white chocolate yogurt, crushed hazelnut and Canadian maple. The hotcakes were delicious, light, fluffy and delicate with chunks of lush ricotta. Taylor loved the white chocolate yogurt despite not being a big fan of white chocolate itself. Oh and the hazelnuts, they added a subtle, tasty crunch. This breakfast is SWEET, I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth so I didn’t even touch the maple syrup and it was good as is. However, in saying that, it was amazingly tasty, different and I left feeling very satisfied. I think I might try the buckwheat and coconut pancake option next time. Oh yes, they have TWO pancake options on the menu.  I also got a Matcha Latte.



Taylor gets the big breakfast everywhere we go. It seems to be his life mission to try ALL the big breakfasts. At Talulah, this took the form of the spring morning spread that came with roasted portobello mushroom, smoked bacon, potato and quinoa rosti, avocado, chilli jam, uprising sourdough and two eggs. The portobello mushroom was possibly one of the best mushrooms I’ve had in awhile and the rosti was perfect. The poached eggs were very impressive and possibly some of the best poached we’ve seen in awhile. Neither of us are bacon eaters but if you were, they are very generous with the bacon serves.