Raw Brownies

thumb_DSC_1184_1024thumb_DSC_1181_1024I am in a strangely chatty mood. You know those moods you get into when you feel highly energetic and productive? When you feel like the world is your oyster and you want to love every thing/ everyone and every thing is GREAT. I wish I felt like this ALL the time but I do right now! Maybe it was those cookies Taylor and I consumed awhile ago. If so, I shall continue eating said cookies.

The weather is not feeling as good at the moment. It has been solidly raining for the past 24 hours. We seem to have gotten away lightly with this east coast low pressure system (aka stormageddon) that has hit the whole of the Australian east coast. I sure do hope everyone comes through this weekend unscathed.

But today, we are talking brownies. Brownies are Taylor’s favourite dessert, which means I am incentivised to make them frequently. Yet, I have only made them twice in the past year. I try to keep healthier snack foods available in the house, I mean, grapes, yogurt and nuts seem a lot more unattractive next to brownies for obvious reasons.


That is where these raw brownies come in. I get it, the term ‘raw’ is kind of a pain, but I could not think of a better name to give them. They only have a few ingredients and are better for you than regular brownies. The dates in them are a source of sugar but as a whole, these brownies offer a lot more fibre, protein and healthy fat than a regular brownie. As such, much to Taylor’s delight, I am now a lot more likely to stock this as a snack in the house. The first time I made these, they were gone in 24 hours, but the consumption rate has since plateued.

I was also motivated to make this as a few weeks ago Taylor came home from work with a present for me! It was a food processor that I have been eyeing off for awhile, but have been convincing myself that I don’t NEED because I have a Vitamix. It felt very grown up having my partner coming home to our home from work with a food processor. This adult thing can be fun sometimes, especially when you get to eat brownies.