Hummingbird Cake

thumb_DSC_1237_1024I am sure Hummingbird Cakes are NOT a thing in Singapore. The first time I heard of them was when I was last describing my dream carrot cake (FAVOURITE CAKE EVER) to Taylor’s mom (which I do so often). She said it sounded a little like a hummingbird cake. Now I have never heard of a hummingbird cake but if it sounds like my dream carrot cake then it must be good. I stored this hummingbird cake idea in the abyss of my food obsessed brain until we bought the most beautiful pineapple from the farmers market.

It was gorgeous. It was aesthetically perfect and filled the entire house with it’s pineapple-ly aroma. I would pick it up daily and demand Taylor admire it with me. I danced around the house with it. I placed it in Taylor’s chair whenever he left his desk for a toilet break. No, I am not joking and yes, I have problems.


thumb_DSC_1228_1024It was by pure fate that when the ceremonious cutting of this pineapple happened, that we had a surplus of ripe bananas and thus, this hummingbird cake recipe was born. I made mine in these chic mini loaf tins. I have been eyeing off a mini loaf tin for months but have been too stingy to buy one. You see I am strangely stingy with some things and overly generous with others. But I thought these hummingbird cakes were a good reason to finally make the extravagant splurge of $12.

These hummingbird cakes are light and tasty. The cashew frosting really gives it a whole new dimension and contrast of textures. I am very proud of this recipe as it is not sweetened with sugar, honey or maple syrup but instead, by dates. I think cupcakes and muffins can be a little 2000s and that the rustic look is more the rage these days but how adorable are these mini loafs?!