Healthy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 2.0


The original healthy peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe was one of the first recipes on my blog. It is also the most frequently made recipe in our home. Taylor gets exceptionally hungry at work and these seem to really hit the spot.

Since we make the original recipe so often, we’ve come up with a few variations. Mostly to make them quicker and easier. These cookies are fudgy, moist and absolutely decadent. They don’t taste even remotely healthy and only require 6 ingredients and one bowl. It is slightly more moist, quicker to make and has less sugar than the original recipe. In saying that, the original recipe makes a more sturdy cookie and we love them both! From all the amazing pictures that you guys have sent me from the original recipe, I know you’ll love this one too.

Natural peanut butter is made with just peanuts (maybe a touch of salt) and nothing else. Read the labels when you shop for peanut butter as many also contain unnecessary oils, sugar and preservatives. My favourite brand is Mayver’s but there are loads of other healthy brands out there too. Peanut butter is great for you because it is chock full of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and protein and fibre that keep you fuller for longer.


We have a fresh batch of these in the house at the moment. I told Taylor that he didn’t have any granola bar/ cookie/ nut type snack for work today as we were doing the post-dinner washing up and that didn’t agree with him. So viola! Within 20 minutes, these babies were out of the oven. It helps that I buy my favourite Mayver’s peanut butter in bulk and have an endless supply in the house. It was the perfect after dinner treat with a glass of milk and work-snack for him today. I hope you try this easy recipe and enjoy it as much as we do. How comforting is a warm cookie with a glass of milk? Especially when it is packed with so much goodness!


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