Ginger Spiced Oats

Gee whiz, I’ve been absent on this page! I blame getting engaged, Christmas, New Year, moving houses and being on placement. But really, everything’s been crazy in the best of ways, leaving me a little low on the inspiration front for this blog. I think I’ve got my blogging mojo back though! And hopefully, the weeks to come bring some good posts.

How are we well into Autumn already?! With less than a month to go till Winter?!?! The mornings have been crisp but the rain that brought Autumn in has left us with beautiful sunshine. Maybe this sunshine is the source of my motivation, I do often wonder if I’m solar powered, or maybe a reptile. Also, I’ve broken out my winter warm feet things and they are so snuggly.

Seriously though, what better breakfast on a cold morning than a bowl of oats? Hopefully, we have all collectively moved away from the days of soggy oats in hot water and have now moved onto slightly fancier oats with fairy dust and gold flakes. This recipe is one on constant repetition in my oats repertoire. It’s quite distinguished and complex, especially for oats. The spices and ginger give the oats a spicy kick and a lot of warmth. The nuts add texture as well as a certain buttery taste. The bananas are beautiful and sweet. Drizzle all that with dark, sticky, and slightly bitter molasses and this is pure gold.

I like my oats quite ginger-y so if you don’t, maybe add less ginger. I hope this warms you on a cold morning and starts your day off with some spicy goodness.