Dinner at mine: pizza

thumb_DSC_1097_1024Welcome to a new series on my blog: Dinner at mine. In this series, I welcome you into my home for dinner. No well planned lighting, backgrounds and possibly no recipes. But yummy pictures and a fun, authentic look to what really goes on in our kitchen.

This series is very much inspired by the amazing heidiapples and in particular her post on Tuesday Night Bolognese. Where she says ‘When friends serve spaghetti bolognese at a dinner party. It’s such an unexpected, cool move, like, “Welcome to our home, to our table and our real life!” It’s Tuesday night meal on a Saturday, with fancy plates and the good wine glasses.’

I could not think of a better way to put it: Welcome to our home, our table and our real life. Feel free to bring some yummy wine. I am quite partial to some Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz.


What better way to kick off this series than with a little pizza night. Pizza is one of Taylor’s favourite foods, and I gladly oblige. This night was a little special. We had dinner at our friend’s house awhile ago and he had this amazing pizza oven that fits on top of the BBQ. After much thought, I decided not to get one in an effort to save money. Taylor decided otherwise though, and viola we are now proud owners of a bakerstone.

This was our first night with our new pizza oven and we loved having you there with us. We make our own pizza bases with 100% wholewheat and good quality olive oil.


Toppings included the likes of smoked salmon, jamon iberico, salami, olives, sundried tomatoes, rocket, mozzarella and ricotta. I also love the scizza (pizza scissors) for getting nice clean slices.


thumb_DSC_1091_1024 thumb_DSC_1079_1024

We loved having you over for dinner. I can’t wait to see you again. 😉