Date night in: Cherry Fangipane Tart

dsc_0157With Taylor’s Final Year Project report due in less than a week and his uncle’s 50th birthday the following night, our usual Friday date night seemed like a more stressful prospect than usual. So since we were going to do a Friday dinner home instead, I figured I would make it special. Well, actually, on hindsight, I think I made this tart more so because I felt like it and less so because I am nice. Oh well, we got to eat tart.

Sometimes I describe food that I’ve been thinking (fantasising) about to Taylor. I describe these foods to him in such detail that my pupils dilate and my mouth waters. To which he usually responds: Yeah, I definitely don’t think about food like you do. Well, I’m sorry your life lacks this level of joy Taylor.

But some people DO think about food like this. And when I find these people, I love them to the ends of the world. Nick is one such person. It’s timely I am mentioning him because he just celebrated a birthday two days ago. What a treat that this gem of a human has been on the planet for yet another year. Nick is fabulous, gorgeous and HILARIOUS. It is often suggested that humour is cultural. Which is why it is hypothesised that people look for partners that make them laugh, not because of the actual jokes but more so because if someone makes you laugh, you are probably culturally quite similar. Don’t quote me on this, I read it somewhere. Nick and I are not that similar. He is Australian and 2m tall while I am Singaporean and barely over 1.5m on a good day. What I think we do share is a love for food. Also, he was on Masterchef. It’s not often I get to name drop so let me do it okay?

Back to the tart, I felt like baking something special and novel. So I consulted with Nick. I bounced around ideas of lemon curd, tart, pear, apple and almonds. He suggested a frangipane tart. I said I want it boozy. He suggested brandy. To which I found this recipe for a Cherry Frangipane Tart.

The only changes I made to the recipe was to use frozen cherries (no pitting!) and an extra tablespoon of brandy. I also didn’t end up using a quarter of the cherries in the tart but just served it alongside which worked out well. The tart pastry uses a press in method which made an easy but impressive looking pastry. It was amazing and if you’re thinking of an impressive and sophisticated bake, look no further.



We had a beef pot roast with stewed carrots, peas, and buttery sourdough for dinner. And wine. We finished it off with the tart, served with good-quality vanilla ice-cream (I love Mövenpick but settled for Häagen-Dazs).

dsc_0148 Meanwhile, I also got a chance to be a princess at Taylor’s uncle Robbie’s 50th birthday the following night. Monica and Robbie, you guys sure know how to put on a party and your house is to die for.


While I was not running around dressed like a princess or making tarts. I also filmed my second Youtube video and Farmers Market Haul. You guys have been the best with all your positive vibes after the last video. I have the best, most supportive friends.

I hope you guys have the best week coming!