Chocolate Bliss Balls

chocolateblissballs1I am unsure of the exact origins of bliss balls but they are a thing. Very clever little things at that. If the bliss ball concept is new to you, they are essentially little balls of smushed up dried fruit and nuts flavoured to your heart’s content. Little balls of energy perfect for that peckish sweet tooth or the 3pm slump. I love how fudgy and chocolatey they are on the inside and Taylor loves them because lamingtons are his favourite things and he thinks these are like mini lamingtons!

There are so many recipes for bliss balls online but here is a simple, basic one that I like. I made these when I had my girlfriends from Nutrition and Dietetics at University over for tea one day. What better way to celebrate our friendship with a dorky, healthy sweet treat. They loved it and I loved how easy and adorable they are. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and play around with flavours and textures.

And yes, dates do contain a good amount of naturally occurring sugar but they are also a great source of fibre, potassium and  copper amongst other things. Combine them with nuts and you get a great balanced snack with good fats and protein as well. chocolateblissballs 2  chocolateblissballs3