thumb_DSC_0894_1024 thumb_DSC_0858_1024Taylor has this thing where he loves making food you don’t usually make from scratch from scratch. Things like pasta, sausages and bread. I think it is because he has this disease; he is an engineer. I believe it might be a form of reverse engineering. But don’t take my word on this. I am a mere dietitian in training.

Challah is a special braided Jewish bread eaten on Jewish holidays. It is an enriched bread normally made with eggs and sugar. The recipe we used uses whole-wheat and honey.

This recipe is not my own but can be found here. To learn how to braid it, look here. We’ve made it twice, the first time failing to pull the braids tightly enough at the beginning. Jordan (Taylor’s twin) came into the kitchen while we were mid-way through and asked if we were making an octopus. Well, technically this would be a hextopus. We really enjoyed making this together; it isn’t hard at all but looks very impressive. Give it a try, I promise you satisfaction (or at least a little fun) and yummy bread.