Beetroot and Goats Cheese Tart


Summer is on its way. The days are getting warm and long. Slow cooking things in the oven and hot soups are falling off our radar but cool, sparkling drinks and homemade lemonade are coming to mind. I’ve even been thinking about cocktails a fair bit which is strange since I don’t usually like sweet drinks. I met a girlfriend today and our coffee date turned into a weather-induced juice and sparkling water date. Oh, bless these long, warm days.

This change of season thing is still fairly new to me. I lived the first 20 or so years of my life in Singapore where seasons varied from hot and wet to hot and dry. I think I’m getting the hang of it now, although I still think it’s crazy how the weather can vary so much in one geographical location. But in saying that, I must admit that Newcastle has relatively mild seasons.

After living in Newcastle for three years, I think the seasons represent a nostalgic reminder of the passing of time. I moved here in Summer where I was attacked by mosquitos, made my first friends and met Taylor for the first time. I started dating Taylor in Autumn, and crisp Autumn mornings make me go fuzzy on the insides. I’ve been through hard times in Winter, where I was kindly offered the comforts of warm socks and hot soup. But Spring, Spring is a cheeky one. It is exciting as we wait for the holidays, Summer and mangoes. But also scary, as we are forced to realise that yet another year has passed us by before we’ve even realised its begun.

Spring’s also exciting on the produce side of things, I love seeing things pop back up at the Farmers Market after their winter hiatus. I couldn’t help picking up a bunch of beautiful beets while we were at the Farmers Market last week as you would have seen if you watched my little Farmers Market Haul. I roasted the beets off that Sunday and thought a beet and goats cheese tart would be a perfect way to use them.

I wanted to make the tart pastry healthier than your usual pastries and I think I’ve done that to some success! It was easy to make and turned out amazingly. The tart was stunning. Caramelised onions, sweet chunks of beets, dotted with salty goats cheese. It’s not your usual rich quiche like tart but it’s lighter, fresher friend instead. It was great out of the oven with tomato relish and a salad but Taylor then proceeded to have it straight out of the fridge for afternoon tea, breakfast and lunch the next day. I suspect he might like it and I hope you do too. 😉

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