Baked Uprising

I would go as far as to call this the best bakery in the world. I’ve been to many famous bakeries around the world but thus far, nothing matches up to Uprising. I realise that’s a big call to make, but I’m calling it.

Heaven on earth exists on a little street in Maryville. In an industrial warehouse with sleek, minimalist decor and with every detail perfectly thought out with a rustic yet chic feel. As you walk into Baked Uprising, you are confronted with their display overflowing with every combination of flour, butter and sugar you could ever want. Their pistachio croissant is probably one of the best things you could ever put in your mouth. But let’s not forget their lemon crumble. Silky lemon curd with the butteriest crumble on top. Lumberjack cake, something I learnt about here, an old fashioned apple and date cake with a coconut topping. Oh, the cardamom slice, do yourself a favour and get six. So unique with a beautiful nearly fudge-like texture.

I feel like their pies don’t get enough credit either. We like our pies. Good pies. But good pies are so non-existent they’re nearly mythical. We have been to many a place in Australia claiming to have the ‘best pies in Australia’ but none compares to these pies. With actual chunks of real ingredients in them and pastry to die for. These are the pies that God himself eats.

But bread is their primary business. Their loaves just fly out the door. No, really, they sprout wings and just leave! The line at Baked Uprising is endless. I don’t know where all this people come from and I often think that perhaps everyone in Newcastle goes to Baked Uprising on the weekend. Their sourdough is a Newcastle favourite and is also used at most of our top cafes and restaurants. And for good reason. We always get a loaf to go, but you should also have some toast while you’re there! They don’t just do toast and butter (cultured of course), they do all sorts of magical toast toppings such as ‘banana, coconut jam, espresso cultured cream on brioche toast.’ My personal favourite is the house made almond butter on sourdough. You get this thick slice of sourdough with the most beautiful almond butter on it. As you take bites into it, the (healthy) oils drip down your face, and the sight of almond butter oils seeping through the beautiful holes of the sourdough. Sigh.

But if you’re really hungry, Taylor’s go-to (and of course recommended by my foodie soulmate, Nick) is the Grilled Kimchi Cheese Sandwich. This thing is BIG. Like the size of three regular sandwiches big. But toasted to absolute perfection. Some sort of magic happens in their toasting process that turns the toastie into one homogenous thing of amazingness, you literally cannot tell where the bread ends and the fillings start. And I love the brilliance of serving fermented kimchi on fermented bread (sourdough). Genius.

This place needs to be on your bucket list. Life is short, you need places like this with baked goods like these, to consider your life lived.

Baked Uprising

21-25 Downie Street, Maryville 2293

Monday-Friday: 7am-2:30pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8:30am-2:30pm

Must haves: Pistachio croissant, lemon crumble, pies, cardamom slice, bread