Apothecary Kitchen

The global café scene is growing and changing with smashed avocado and flat white institutions abound. So, when a café takes a step away from that and focuses on something different, special and so well thought out, it is certainly worth celebrating.

Apothecary Kitchen is one of my favourite places in the world. If lunch is on the cards, Apothecary Kitchen is my go-to 100% of the time. What was the former Juicy Beans had a massive rebrand two years ago when owner, Ben, took on an appreciation for where our food comes from and cooking sustainably. What we have now is something like I’ve never seen before in the world of farm to table.

You walk in the airy front entrance to see bags of kraut happily fermenting as they hang from the ceiling, on your left, amorphous looking masses in huge jars, where the homemade kombucha magic is happening, right next to the best sourdough I have ever had in my LIFE and the most delectable selection of cakes and pastries. Then you see their salads, piles and piles of salads that I could only dream of recreating at home. And the hot options, one vegetarian, one carnivorous, always sustainable, scrumptious and from a local source. In fact, you can trace most of their ingredients to a supplier or farm that is local and beautiful.

Oh and the service is stunning. I’ve seen the owner come out to give a lady her money back because her meal took longer than expected. We were also once told they were out of soft boiled eggs but no sooner did the owner/ chef stick his head out of the kitchen to tell us he was happy to fry an egg for us if we wanted. Although they don’t usually sell their bread, one day when I asked, Ben said he would sell it to me just that one time. How I cherished that gorgeous loaf.

But wait, I haven’t even spoken about the food! It is so nourishing and satisfying. You walk out feeling like a yogi who just completed 15 years of yoga under a tree on a beach in Sri Lanka. See eating out with friends is great, but sometimes difficult if you’re trying to eat healthily, this place is heaven on earth for that. I think I would be the healthiest/ happiest person if I only ate food from Apothecary Kitchen.

I love ordering a huge bowl of salad for lunch while Taylor cannot turn away from their gorgeous sourdough toasties. And their breakfast menu is equally diverse with the likes of their signature soft eggs and sourdough French toast with poached rhubarb and cultured sour cream. I mean, who even are you if your sour cream isn’t cultured?

Eating at Apothecary Kitchen is an experience. And not often does one say that about a café. Ben’s love for food is omnipotent and contagious. There is no greater pleasure than to be able to be on the receiving end of such a work of wonder.

Apothecary Kitchen

5/103 Tudor St, Hamilton

Monday-Friday: 7am-5pm

Saturday: 8am-5pm