Almond and Orange Blossom Cake

How amazing are friends? We have some of the best. On a daily basis I feel spoilt, loved, cared about, and encouraged by the most beautiful people. I am so extremely lucky. And how good are birthdays? Oh, it doesn’t even have to be mine. The thought of having amazing people together, good food (not optional), and celebrating someone is such a wonderful thing.

Our friend Daniel celebrated his birthday over the weekend. We celebrated hard as you would expect. We got the good teaware out, which is very wild considering my level of clumsiness. We drank tea and wine, ate scones, lemon cake, sushi, gyozas, and cake. It was a very good day, spent with the best company.

I’ve made this beautiful cake once before for Daniel’s graduation and he requested it again for his birthday. A true testament to it’s scrumptiousness. The almond meal makes for a very stable and even cake. It has a beautiful crumb with just the right level of moisture. The frosting on the other hand is very sophisticated, not too cloying, and easy to work with. The recipe is Donna Hay’s Almond And Orange Blossom Layer Cake, but here are my modifications:

  • I use the rind of two whole large oranges
  • I make two layers instead of four as I find that more stable
  • I add 2 teaspoons of orange blossom water into the frosting
  • I drizzle an orange syrup over the cakes before frosting. Boil the juice of two oranges with 2 tablespoons caster sugar until a syrup forms, cool, then drizzle over cake
  • I don’t make the almond crisp, but instead top with fresh flowers

I hope you get the chance to make this rewarding cake soon. It’s quite simple to make, reliable, but very impressive. But more so, I hope you have the chance to eat cake with good friends soon. What is life without cake and friends?