Welcome to HealthyFolk!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Here I share my passion for health, food, fitness and wellness. I believe that our lives are a product of how we choose to live it. How we fuel our bodies gives us an indication of how we value ourselves. Food should be nourishing, enjoyable and not taken too seriously! Combine that with an active, healthy lifestyle and we truly have wealth no one can take away from us.

This blog is growing and changing but I look forward to being able to share my love and my journey to a healthier, happier self.

About me.

My name is Annabelle and I am an Indian- Chinese health nut born in the sunny island city of Singapore. I grew up with two amazing women I feel blessed to call my mother and sister. In 2014, I moved to Newcastle, New South Wales in Australia to pursue my Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics. Newcastle is the beautiful place I now call home.

Why food?
Why not? We spend so much of our lives eating and it’s the one few essential things we need to do to keep alive. Food was my first word so I guess I always have been food obsessed. I grew up in a family of three girls who love to cook. We bond over cooking and enjoying lovely meals.

I now spend my time in university learning about nutrition and the food we eat. Most of my time outside university is spent in the gym, cooking, eating, grocery shopping or reading about food.

My philosophy on food.
I could go on for ages on this. But here are a few of my main beliefs:

  1. Take it easy

I think food should not be taken too seriously. I do not think we should get caught up with labels of eating in a certain way. Food should not be a cause of additional stress in our already stressful lives. It should instead be enjoyable.

  1. Whole foods

I generally believe in whole ingredients that have gone through minimal processing. It is hard to go wrong if your food is made from ethically sourced whole ingredients.

  1. Diet sustainability

So many people go on extreme diets but what happens when you come off them? You go back to square one. The only diet that has long lasting results is one that you can sustain for the rest of your life. Make small modifications for the better and live the rest of your life happy and healthy.

  1. No deprivation

A healthy lifestyle does not have to be limiting. Instead of thinking of the things you are eliminating, think of the things you are adding! Hopefully my blog will be able to show you how delicious and fun eating healthy can be

  1. Balance

Probably the oldest tip in the book! Make sure you eat a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein, fruit, vegetables and fat. You eat for your body but you occasionally have to eat for your soul! If you need an occasional treat, go for it.

Some of my favorite food
Mangoes and pumpkins for sure.

My workout routine
I have always been active and I figure-skated and played volleyball competitively as a child and teenager. I am now a group exercise instructor and I teach the Les Mills GRIT classes at my gym. I love attending group fitness classes, doing High Intensity Interval Training and weight training. I play volleyball and enjoy the occasional run or swim. I love exercising and might be a slight gym bunny! `